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Office of Personnel

Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall

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Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (7th Floor)


The duties include:

  1. Amendment of personnel regulations; Personnel number arrangement
  2. Hiring of new faculty members; Appointment, dismissal, promotion, continued employment, and part-time restriction of faculty members
  3. Employment of academic or administrative director as concurrent position
  4. The selection, employment, discharge, transfer, and salary of staff members
  5. Miscellaneous jobs related to human resource planning
  6. Salary, retirement, consolation fund, discharge, and service extension of faculty members
  7. Faculty's in-service advanced studies, training, leave of absence, and going abroad
  8. Rewards, discipline, and assessment of faculty members
  9. Insurance and retirement of faculty members
  10. Documents of in-service certificate, leaving certificate, and service certificate