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Provides innovative technical services

Prof. Yih-Chien Chen,the Vice President(Academic)

Yih-Chien ChenOur university is positioned as a university of applied science and technology that cultivates outstanding professionals for industry and provides innovative technical services. Based on practicality and applicability, we strive to innovate our teaching practices, develop our research, and work closely with industry so that our students can comprehend industry trends in advance. In recent years, the university has cooperated with the government to promote its 5+2 Innovative Industry Development Policy. The collaboration featured the development of educational institutions, which focus on building a platform for the practice of diverse, intelligent technologies and strengthening cross-disciplinary technology integration to cultivate talent for the industry.

The fact that our university has gained the approval of the "Model University of Science and Technology Program" for six consecutive years proves that we have laid a solid foundation through the in-depth development of various applied technologies. The Ministry of Education has selected our university as a Demonstration Base for Industry Elite Training. It is the only private university of science and technology in the nation that has set up a "3D digital circuit board design and intelligent manufacturing production line factory" and a "(5G) adjustment industrial environment factory." The production lines where we perform practical work are kept in sync with those of the industry so that the students can be fully aware of the demand in the 5G industry.

Our university has also successively set up the "High-end Processing Intelligence R&D Center," "Shin Zu Shing/Lunghwa Robot Polishing and Grinding R&D Center," and "Joint Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence/IoT/Edge Computing." There are also examination venues for competency certification in iPAS qualifications, such as "circuit board process engineers," "antenna design engineers," and "Internet of Things engineers," as well as the "Professional Classroom for International Market Development" and "Cultural Creativity and Fashion Talent Cultivation and Industry-university R&D Center." At the same time, vast resources have been allocated to establish the "Semiconductor Teaching Center" to accelerate the cultivation of semiconductor talent. We hope that industry-university cooperation can take hold with active collaboration between industry, government, and the university to increase the dynamic in cross-disciplinary innovative R&D, thereby maximizing the career competitiveness of students.