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The library of the Lunghwa University of Science and Technology is aimed to supply various information services to meet the needs of teaching, learning and academic research. Since the beginning of the establishment of the University in 1969, the library has kept expanding for the growing book collection. It was moved many times. Every movement and expansion symbolized the progress and development of the library. In April 2000, the new library building was completed. It’s a 7-story modernized building with floor space of 5,892 square meters, which located besides Lung-Hwa Slope. It has wide vision of magnificent mountain view and its decoration is bright, clear and humanized. As being very well equipped, it is comfortable and delightful for every user. The collection contains books, journals, electronic books and journals, databases, video and audio data, and VOD(videos on demand) primarily in subject areas of the University's departments and humanity-related. Currently, there are above 300,000 books (include electronic books), 500 journals, 30,000 electronic journals, 200 electronic databases to conduct a sufficient library services for reading and learning.


In the era of rapid information technology development and social changes, the library services have transformed from paper to digit, the operational procedures have changed from manual work to automatic systems, and the formats from physical to virtual, and especially no longer limited by spatial distance. All of these indicate the changes of the library. To provide high-quality services, the library's automatic systems can support the needs of readers with new, rapid, substantive, and simplified functions. Readers can use Wireless LAN in every corner of the library building. The service of Remote Patron Authentication (RPA) gives readers freedom to access the library anytime and anywhere. The system of digitalized dissertation and thesis can promote the visibility and cited rate of the University’s degree theses.


The library has a chief librarian in charge of the library's development and planning. There are two sections, reader service and technical service, with one section chief in charge of the steering of operations and six senior clerks to execute operations. In addition, there is a Library Consultant Committee of the University level to assist the library in planning the usage of budget and future development.


To have sustainable development of the library, it is aimed to improve the collection not only in quantity, but also in quality. The library is a knowledge treasury for the research and learning of teachers and students at all times. Our every effort will aim to attract more people to come to the library. It is always our mission to promote the use of the library’s enormous collection. The service will be more sophisticated, while keeps its diversification. The most important is the idea of “reader-centered” will be kept in mind forever.

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