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Office of Research and Development

Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

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Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (2th Floor)


The Office of Research and Development is devoted to strengthening the university's teaching and research capabilities, assisting in administrative development plans, promoting appropriate patent application, and executing department self-evaluations, and university evaluations.
Organization and Administrative Affairs
To implement the preceding, specific missions, the Office is composed of two sections :

Research and Development Sectio

  1. Grant application for academic research, monograph and international conference, symposium attendance
  2. Fund application for the Ministry of Education and National Science Council
  3. University mid and long term development planning
  4. Evaluations
  5. Student contest subsidy application
  6. Cooperative education

Technical Cooperation Section

  1. Manage and transfer the intellectual property rights and research products.
  2. Patents application and technology transfer.
  3. Undertake commissioned study on companies
  4. Planning and implementation of university and industry cooperation system

Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

The era of a knowledge-based economy has been the direction of global development to boost economic growth and improve the quality of life through creativity. Regarding technological innovation or cultural imagination, the ability to innovate and increase the added value of technical R&D and soft creativity play a vital role in all countries with rapid economic growth. For Taiwan's industries to transform in the direction of higher value, interdisciplinary and creative talents are essential human assets. Nurturing entrepreneurial talent based on innovation is critical to the country's economic development.

The Center was established in August 2009 to promote the commercialization or industrialization of our creative ideas and inventions. By strengthening the innovative energy of our faculty and students and enhancing the creative output, the Center provides three primary functions: creative practice, innovative transformation, and entrepreneurial counseling. We encourage teachers and students to transform their innovative and creative R&D results into intellectual property rights and then transfer and commercialize the technology or start their businesses.

The Center's main task includes providing creative and innovative resources and supporting counseling measures for subsequent entrepreneurship, assisting in patent, intellectual property application, and consultation services, in technology transfer of R&D results leading to commercialization, and counseling in business management strategy planning. The Center also handles various innovation and creativity competitions and related academic activities, the commercialization and management of patented intellectual property and industrial cooperation, and multiple exhibitions and seminars of innovative and creative R&D products or works.

Innovation and Incubation Center

The Innovation and Incubation Center (IIC) of the University is in line with the Ministry of Economic Affairs' policy to promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to enhance the performance of research and development through industry-academia collaboration. Over the years, our faculty have assisted SMEs in improving their production technology and processes. In recent years, to encourage students to start their businesses, we have actively assisted them in commercializing and industrializing their innovations.

Moreover, in response to the Ministry of Economic Affairs' policy of "specializing traditional industries, manufacturing services, internationalizing service industries, and technology," we hope to develop an incubation center for "emerging services" in the future, i.e., an incubation center with service innovation as its core value. The center will help manufacturers break away from the shackles of traditional manufacturing industries and become industries with high-added value through services and cultural and creative significance.

Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship is a Maker Space for LHU students to realize their three ideas “innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.” The center hopes to assist students in exerting the spirit of a maker in the Lifestyles of Happiness on Creation (LOHOC) and move towards entrepreneurship. The center features discussion boards, a creative studio, and “FabLab LHU” (featuring 3D printers, CNC machines, laser engraving machines, etc.). MIT FabLab has accredited FabLab LHU.