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Office of Research and Development

Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

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Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (2th Floor)


The Office of Research and Development is devoted to strengthening the university's teaching and research capabilities, assisting in administrative development plans, promoting appropriate patent application, and executing department self-evaluations, and university evaluations.
Organization and Administrative Affairs
To implement the preceding, specific missions, the Office is composed of two sections :

Research and Development Sectio

  1. Grant application for academic research, monograph and international conference, symposium attendance
  2. Fund application for the Ministry of Education and National Science Council
  3. University mid and long term development planning
  4. Evaluations
  5. Student contest subsidy application
  6. Cooperative education

Technical Cooperation Section

  1. Manage and transfer the intellectual property rights and research products.
  2. Patents application and technology transfer.
  3. Undertake commissioned study on companies
  4. Planning and implementation of university and industry cooperation system

Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

The Center was established in August 2009 to facilitate commercialization and industrialization of creative ideas and inventions in our university. The Center aims to bridge the gap between creative results and commercialization by strengthening innovative competence of professors and students, promoting innovative outputs, and offering the services of creativity realization, innovation transformation, and new venture assistance.

The main businesses of the Center include demonstration and promotion of creative results, value-addition and intellectual property protection of innovations, innovation transfer and commercialization services, experimental teaching and research of creativity and innovation, and campus venture assistance. Our Center also builds an electronic platform for commercialization of creative inventions, which collects innovative results and patent data of professors and students, offering on-line services of database searching, commercialization matching and consultation.

Creativity Realization‧Teaching and Research
Innovation Laboratory, Creative Teaching Experimental Classroom,
Open Creative Lobby, Creativity and Innovation Forum Hall
Innovation Transformation‧Display and Matching
Demo-Room for Creative Results, Innovation Publishing Hall,
Electronic Platform for Commercialization of Creative Inventions
New Venture Assistance‧Incubating and Academia-industry Cooperation
Innovation and Incubation Center, Prototyping Machines

Innovation and Incubation Center

In order to integrate the faculty and facilities in the field of engineering technology and business management, our school established the “Innovation and Incubation Center.” The goal of this center is to facilitate small business transformation and growth under the policies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and promote the research performance of the collaboration between industry and our university. In recent years, this center also actively helps students commercialize their innovation in order to encourage entrepreneurship. Currently there are eleven incubation offices in the center, equipped with complete facilities for operation and supported with professional laboratories and mini-factories by our school, providing necessary research help and commercialization service for new businesses.

Innovation and Incubation Center focuses the important technology fields as follows:

  1. Multimedia and Game Science
  2. Integrated Optoelectronics and Automated Technology
  3. Precision Technology
  4. Thermal-Fluid Analysis and Energy Technology
  5. Plasma Application Technology and Materials Technology
  6. Power Electronics, Electrical Circuits, Automatic Control, Communication, Signal processing, Optics and Fiber-optic
  7. Communication Technology
  8. Operation Management of E-commerce, Information Technology of E-commerce