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Office of Academic Affairs

Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall

Contact Info

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.3000
Fax: 886-2-82095709
E-Mail: oaa@mail.lhu.edu.tw
Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (5th Floor)

Curriculum Section

  1. Review course arrangements of the Daytime Section of all departments.
  2. Review/report teaching hours statistics of all fulltime and part-time teachers
  3. Review class schedules of all classes and teachers
  4. Hold Teaching Conference
  5. Process drop and add and summer session
  6. Rearrange class hours for teachers on leave
  7. Print mid-term and final examination papers and process make-up tests
  8. Process applications for teaching improvement awards
  9. Hold Curriculum Committee and Academic Affairs Committee
  10. Conduct non-scheduled classroom check
  11. Process intercollegiate (interdisciplinary) programs
  12. Hold class schedule coordination meeting and process online class selection
  13. Process teaching satisfaction survey
  14. Process applications for the exemption of credit hours

Registrar Section

  1. Compile students’ academic records
  2. Announce notices for registration
  3. Review freshman qualifications
  4. Process applications for withdrawal and suspension
  5. Issue notification for resumption of academic status
  6. Process applications for name/birthdate changes in alumni academic records
  7. Process midterm exam results and issue notes to students who failed
  8. Process final exam results and mail transcripts
  9. Review the qualifications of graduating students
  10. Produce and issue academic diplomas
  11. Produce and issue intercollegiate (interdisciplinary) program certificates
  12. Process applications for minors and double majors
  13. Process applications for departmental transfer
  14. Process enrollment
  15. Issue certificates of academic records and transcripts

Planning Control and Publications Section

  1. Draft recruiting strategies
  2. Plan the calendar for recruitment
  3. Conduct recruiters training
  4. Launch recruiting campaigns
  5. Contact key high schools or vocational schools for campus visit
  6. Compile recruitment credits
  7. Process the recruitment for graduate schools
  8. Process the transfer examination
  9. Process dual-track training programs and the special university-industry classes sponsored by vocational training or labor authorities
  10. Process campus propaganda
  11. Publish Lunghwa Journal
  12. Process projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education

Teaching and Learning Center

  1. Consolidate the teaching and learning resources
  2. Develop digital network university
  3. Offer faculty members inclusive consultations and services to help prompt their professional advancement
  4. Process teaching evaluation and measurement
  5. Implement the course reform for the university-industry programs
  6. Promote microteaching
  7. Promote teaching aides (TA) system to assist teachers in preparing teaching materials and lesson plans, guiding students learning and lowering teachers’ loads
  8. Hold the Committee for the Promotion of Teaching Excellence, Teaching Excellence Project Assistants Conference, Teaching Excellence Quality Control Panel Conference
  9. Promote teachers’ professional growth groups
  10. Maintain digital network learning web platform
  11. Plan and install electronic lecterns
  12. Promote teachers’ professional accreditation
  13. Promote customized job training programs