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Center for Professional Competency Certification

Center for Professional Competency Certification

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Office:Teaching Building 2(2th Floor)


Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (LHU) actively sets the measures reinforcing students’ professional skills into action. Since certification promotion is one of the important policies to develop students’ core professional skills, along with the industries put heavy emphasis on the certification, the Center for Professional Certification was established in 2009. The Center promotes professional certifications, offers professional skill training courses, and gives all kinds of professional certification tests. Moreover, the Center collaborates with industries, conducting the development of talents with professional skills and assisting them in getting professional certifications.

Objectives of the Center

  1. Integrate the resources related to professional certification and provide services to students in LHU. Update the certification information. Help students get not only the diploma but also professional certifications to strengthen their competitiveness in the job market.
  2. Match up the needs of industries, cultivate the professional certification seed teachers and assist them in getting certifications. Let students comprehend that the certification is commensurate with the prospect in their future career. Assist students in participating certification and getting ready for the job market.
  3. Assist all departments in establishing and developing their professional certifications. Extend the certification counseling courses.
  4. Reduce the overlap and the waste of resources related to certification tests.
  5. Strive for the approval of establishing examination sites for domestic and international professional certifications in order to allow students to take the tests at where they are trained.