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Extracurricular Activities:::

The purpose of encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities is to create a vibrant university life. Currently, we have various student organizations on our campus. In addition to the Student Office and Student Council, there are six types of clubs, including arts andlearning, service-oriented clubs, physical education training, entertainment, socialization, and twelve student department organizations.


Activities held by these clubs include welcoming parties, carnivals, training courses, campus fairs, singing contests, photography contests and foreign language speaking contests, dances, etc. Many clubs launch various activities and contests every semester believing that joining such contests is the best way to enhance students’ higher learning achievement levels and thus help them to discover their hidden talents. In addition, most of our student clubs have been very active in helping neighboring school pupils build up their own clubs and launch other academic activities. Our pupils’ enthusiasm and creativity have brought a new source of energy to these neighboring schools in terms of their contribution to our society.