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Department of Mechanical Engineering & Master Program

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Master Program

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Department Introduction

The Department of Mechanical Engineering upholds the philosophy of "Pragmatism, Excellence, and Innovation," which focuses on practical education and develops course modules in rapid precision design, precision multi-axis machining, and intelligent mechatronics. It also encourages cross-departmental integration to create engineers with strong technical skills and creative thinking. The master's program focuses on cultivating high-level professionals with "smart machinery" and "smart precision manufacturing" technologies as the main topic.

Development Features

There are three major areas within the department's curriculum: "Precision Manufacturing," "Mechatronics," and "Precision Rapid Design." Graduates will be able to work as engineers in design, processing and manufacturing, electromechanical control, and automation. Due to high-speed and precision developments in the mechanical and manufacturing industries, the department divides its elective courses into precision manufacturing, rapid precision design, and electromechanical integration, along with enhancing foreign language proficiency and computer skills. In order to cooperate with the teaching, in terms of precision and rapid design and manufacturing courses, we will fully promote the use of CAD/CAM/CAE systems required by the mechanical industry, so as to train students in design, multi-axis machining, and engineering analysis technology. The mechatronics program will concentrate on applying programmable controllers and mechatronics for learning the operation of industrial robot arms and the application of combining AI and sensor control.

Professional Facilities

  1. Innovative Prototyping Center: Over ten million dollars were spent on Swiss high-speed five-axis machines (the only one in Taiwan's universities), turning and milling machines, and laser powder sintering 3D printing systems to aid students in product design, multi-axis machining manufacture, and engineering analysis.
  2. Automation Center: HTC provided robotic arms and Labview control, while NEXCOM built innovative robot arms and EtherCAT to develop automated technology, IoT, and Industry 4.0 automation specialists.
  3. Smart Manufacturing Lab: A visualized digital system that integrates sensor computing and intelligent control.  Emphasis is placed on stabilizing the basic ability of students in basic engineering and cultivating all-round cross-field technical ability.  Provide value-added products for small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen the management of the whole factory and upgrade the intelligent machinery of multi-axis processing.