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Department of Mechanical Engineering & Master

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Master

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The department adheres to the “pragmatic, excellent and innovative” concept of education and places great importance to practical teaching. It is hoped that students will become mechanical engineering professionals with practical ability, workplace ethics and humanities.

The professional courses of this department cultivate students' ability to engage in mechanical engineering related practice and design, and hope that graduates of this department can professionally engage in mechanical engineering and automation engineers in design, manufacturing, analysis, integration, and strengthen humanistic education to train students humanistic literacy and meet different career options to cultivate lifelong learning ability.


In accordance with the national economic development and the trend of the times, the courses of this department are divided into 3 directions: (1) precision manufacturing, (2) precision rapid design, and (3) mechatronics, providing students with free elective courses. The course of precision manufacturing trains the talents of precision machining and measurement, the course of rapid design trains the talents of design analysis, and the course of mechatronics trains the talents of automation. In addition, the teachers of this department have close communication with the industry, and the research and development opportunities entrusted by the industry are frequent, which helps students understand the current situation of the industry and prepare them for employment as soon as possible.

Introduction (Master's Program)

The Master's program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering actively meets the needs of the industry and emphasizes the integration of engineering technology across fields. In addition to the multi-axis machining center, automation center, 3D printing laboratory, and smart manufacturing laboratory of the mechanical department, it also integrates the valuable instrument center, precision instrument center and nano technology service center of the College of Engineering. It is expected to promote the application of technology in industry-university cooperation and cultivate the relevant skills of graduate students, which can be directly put into industry services after their graduation.

Research Fields (Master's Program)

In the teaching and research development of the Master programs of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the two critical goals of “precision technology” and “mechatronic technology” are developing towards three fields of technology application: opto-mechatronics, precision manufacturing, and precision molding design.

  1. Opto-mechanical integration field: focusing on system integration and automation technology; developing microcontroller applications, sensing applications, robotics applications, machine vision applications, and intelligent manufacturing application technologies.
  2. Precision machinery field: focusing on the miniaturization technology of the machinery industry; developing micro molding applications, precision machining and measurement applications, digital design and analysis applications.
  3. Precision molding design field: focusing on mechanical molding design technology; developing 3D printing applications, rapid prototyping design applications, reverse engineering design applications, innovative creative design applications.