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Department Of Information Management & Master’s Program

Department Of Information Management & Master’s Program

Contact Info

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Education Goal

  1. Foster industry required software development and maintenance, network planning and management, database management and application, industrial electronic applications and integrations and other professional information services and management personnel.
  2. Develop students' capabilities in independent thinking, learning, problem solving and innovation.
  3. Enhance students' capabilities in presentation and communication, response , teamwork and foreign language.


  1. Emphasis on ethics and service learning
  2. Emphasis on employability.
  3. Combine innovation, creativity and information management.

Developing Vision

Ethics, Professionalism, Innovations

「Uphold the ideal holistic education, nurturing with ethics, competence and certification of professional information management personnel, technology, and serve the people for the benefit of society." 」

  1. Ethics: humanities accomplishment and liberal arts with good professional attitude.
  2. Professionalism: independent thinking, problem solving, learning self confidence and ability, chain repair, access to a variety of international IT certification, and have applications with the ability toprovide information services, immediate availability for business use.
  3. Innovations: On the basis of pragmatism and excellence, students can combine cultural elements and information technology to provide consumers with innovative information services.

Objectives (Master’s Program)

Cultivating skills in postgraduate students so that they can:

  1. Build information systems and value-added services;
  2. Perform independent research, innovation and development, and information management;
  3. Plan, execute, and manage the implementation of information systems as well as software development.

Features (Master’s Program)

The main research interests are as follows:

  1. Information services and management
  2. Real time enterprises
  3. Information systems and software development
  4. T-based system integration and application