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Department of Business Administration & Master Program

Department of Business Administration & Master Program

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Department Introduction

The Department of Business Administration implements a school-based spirit and designs courses based on students' career-oriented needs. A recent survey shows most graduates of our department work in the field of "administration" or "business services." Early in their careers, they are mainly employed as entry-level managers or administrators. Aside from basic knowledge and skills, "problem-solving," "creative thinking," and "information application" skills are crucial.

Development Features

"Project Management," "Innovation and Creativity," and "Information Application" are the three key features of the department. Based on the students' career-oriented needs, the department utilizes the three core features of "Project Management," "Innovation and Creativity," and "Information Application" to develop students' abilities. Their training includes systematic planning and problem-solving, innovative thinking, creative practice ability, technology application ability, and information management ability. Aside from developing their professional e-business knowledge and ERP operational skills, students will also gain proficiency in analysis, planning, marketing, and integrated business management.

Professional Facilities

There are classrooms within the department dedicated to innovation and creativity, information application, project management, and case studies. These classrooms are for teaching courses in creative thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, ERP demonstrations, projects, project planning and development, case discussions, and presentation skills.