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Office of Student Affairs

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.3301
E-Mail: osa@mail.lhu.edu.tw

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Student Guidance Division

  1. new students' orientation and guidance
  2. student dormitories application and management
  3. student emergency, accident and disaster management
  4. student award and punishment processing
  5. student award and punishment committee
  6. lost and found
  7. military service
  8. financial aid
  9. student loans
  10. student self-governing body training and seminars
  11. public safety committee

Health Division

  1. Health Service
  2. Health Examination
  3. Insurance
  4. Communicable Disease Control

Student Activity Division

  1. student clubs and organizations
  2. scholarship and funding applications
  3. the Office of Student Affairs newsletter
  4. student feedback and suggestions
  5. service learning
  6. the University Founding Day celebration
  7. guidance on activities related to commencement
  8. school annual events

Counseling and Career Development Center

  1. Individual counseling and consultation
  2. Group counseling and workshop on various topics (e.g. gender, relationship, career development…etc.)
  3. Psychometric scales of various aspects (interpersonal, personality, interest, values…etc.)
  4. Psychology and counseling books/videos
  5. “Hsin Yuan” club, student volunteers for Counseling center
  6. Speech of Psychoeducation and various topics (e.g. mental health, relationship, career development… etc.)
  7. Student appeal receiving
  8. Career status survey of graduated student
  9. Resources providing for special education students