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Department of Audit

Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall

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Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.2601
Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (6th Floor)


To ensure that the operations of business and financial sections follow the rules and regulations, as well as improve the efficiency of resource use and achieve operational goals, Lunghwa University of Technology and Science (LHU) implemented the Department of Audit in the second semester of the 2010 academic year. The department is responsible for the internal control and auditing for the entire University.

Objectives and Visions

  1. Inspect all systems, regulation integrity and compliance
  2. Inspect administrative expenses,
  3. Oversee other relevant internal auditing matters
  4. Ensure effective and systematic operation of school
  5. Brief Description of Organizational Structure and Job Content
  6. The Department of Audit of LHU is an executive unit headed by a Chief Auditor and is composed of staff: secretary, specialists, assistants, and administrative clerks.
  7. The objective of the Department of Audit is to oversee the overall management of the University’s operations.
  8. The Department of Audit shall develop annual audit plans in accordance with the annual risk assessment results.
  9. The Department of Audit shall execute scheduled and unscheduled auditing measures for general business, finance or projects.
  10. The Department of Audit ensures the University’s compliance to internal control system so as to further enhance the soundness, reasonability and validity of the system.
  11. The Department of Audit shall provide reports on improvement suggestions to the President based on the findings, followed by regular check-ups to ensure that the internal control system is efficiently executed.
  12. The Department of Audit job description include:
  13. Ensure compliance with existing internal control system.
  14. Oversee the management of idle assets.
  15. Oversee other internal auditing businesses.