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Structure of this Site

1.News and events

2.About US


2-2.Educational Beliefs

2-3.Leading the way to a Pre-eminent University

2-4.Bright Future

2-5.Flip Thinking, Start from Zer

2-6.Education Resource

2-7.Campus Life

2-8.Transportation Information

2-9.Campus Map


3-1.College of Management

  3-1-1.College of Management

  3-1-2.Department of Business Administration

  3-1-3.Department of Information Management

  3-1-4.Department of Cross-border Business

  3-1-5.Department of Industrial Management

3-2.College of Humanities and Design

  3-2-1.College of Humanities and Design

  3-2-2.Department of Applied Foreign Languages

  3-2-3.Department of Multimedia and Game Science

  3-2-4.Department of Cultural Creativity and Digital Media Design

  3-2-5.Department of Tourism and Leisure

  3-2-6.Language Center

  3-2-7.The Art Center

  Chinese Language Center

3-3.College of Engineering

  3-3-1.College of Engineering

  3-3-2.Department of Mechanical Engineering

  3-3-3.Department of Electronic Engineering

  3-3-4.Department of Electrical Engineering

  3-3-5.Department of Computer Information

  3-3-6.Department of Semiconductor Engineering& Master

3-4.Research Centers

  3-4-1.Fine Instrument Center

  3-4-2.Digital Content and Multimedia Technology Center

  3-4-3.Micro- and Nano- Technologies Service Center (MNTSC)

  3-4-4.Plasma Research and Service Center

  3-4-5.Risk Evaluation and Prevention Research Center


3-6.Extracurricular Activities


4-1.Office of President

4-2.Office of Vice-President for Administrative Affairs

4-3.Office of Vice-President for Academic Affairs

4-4.Office of the Secretary

4-5.Office of Academic Affairs

4-6.Office of Student Affairs

4-7.Office of General Affairs

4-8.Office of Research and Development

4-9.Office of Continuing Education

4-10.Office of Personnel

4-11.Office of Accounting

4-12.Office of Information and Library

4-13.Office of Environment Safety

4-14.Office of Physical Education

4-15.Continuing Education Center

4-16.Center for Professional Competency Certification

4-17.Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation

4-18.Department of Audit


5-1.International Applicants

5-2.Fee Info

5-3.Bilingual Vocabulary

5-4.LHU For International Students

5-5.Life Cycle of Lunghwa


5-7.Information Service

6.Sister Universities