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Continuing Education Center

Continuing Education Center

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Office:Teaching Building 2(2th Floor)


Continuing Education Center was established in 1998 to meet society's needs; therefore, it plans and conducts various promotional education activities to enhance the public's academic skills and social and cultural standards. In response to the needs of the times and society, the Center flexibly plans various classes and courses to provide on-the-job training for the public and young students. It aims to provide appropriate services to the students and build a good reputation.

Service includes

  1. Providing credit-oriented degree programs
  2. Providing skills training courses: including various non-credit courses, to promote continuing education
  3. Arranging various vocational training courses entrusted by the government and non-government organizations
  4. Providing counsel about national-level professional skills certifications and international-level licenses
  5. Providing counsel about civilian license counseling
  6. Conducting courses in community colleges
  7. Providing skills certification services for the Council of Labor Affairs