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Continuing Education Center actively offers various and practical courses, both credited and non-credited, for meeting the social needs. These courses can help enterprises and individuals develop their potentials as well as enhance their knowledge and competence. In addition, the Center takes commissions from the government and enterprises to conduct professional training. We elaborately design the training courses based on the characteristics of and which requests from the organizations, trying to promote the professional knowledge, skills, and second specialties to the staff to advance the quality of human resources and strengthen their competency. Moreover, based on the concept of resource sharing, the Center offers courses in the community to serve the public, which makes the purposes on adult learning and life-long learning carried out, in order to arouse more participation and transformable learning of adult learners.

In an open and competition-intense environment, only the high-quality continuing education could provide life-long learning services. The Continuing Education Center of Lunghwa University of Science and Technology has full-cooperation of administrative resources and offers well-designed courses; and most importantly, there are professional teachers, friendly administrators, and content-rich courses in the Center. We sincerely welcome the schoolfellow and the public to take our courses. Be part of it and enjoy the life-long learning process!