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Department of Finance

Department of Finance

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Training objectives

The Department of Finance aims to foster students to develop a good moral conduct, proficient knowledge, excellent skills, and a consistent learning attitude—all qualities that are suitable for the corporate financial accounting department or the security trading, banking and insurance industry.

Features of development

In order to keep up with the government policy of upgrading the level of accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises and the trend of establishing financial holding companies and improving financial business integration, we offer courses in two modules: corporate finance and accounting, and financial industry practitioners (in the field of security trading, banking, and insurance). These modules are intended to enhance students’ language and knowledge of financial regulations, along with our department’s three features of development that are meant to help the students start business careers after graduation. These features include:

  1. Authentic learning: We offer a series of authentic learning courses to help students learn practical skills.
  2. Employment through career practice: We offer career practice for a year or a semester at chartered accounting/bookkeeping firms and finance-related enterprises. The students will have experience in using their professional knowledge and gain an advantage in employment.
  3. Certificate/license system: We counsel and encourage each student to acquire certificates/licenses related to small and medium-sized enterprises, banking, finance and insurance to meet the ideal employment standards.