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Leading the way to a Pre-eminent University

BY Prof. Tzu-Hsiang Ko,President

Mr. Sun Fa-Mi

Upholding the educational philosophy of "pragmatism, excellence, and innovation," Lunghwa University of Science and Technology is an applied science and technology university that fosters high-quality industry talents and provides innovative technical services. Focusing on practical application, we are committed to innovative teaching and research development and dedicated to college management. Despite the severe challenges facing Taiwan's higher education--such as the declining birth rate, closure of private institutions, and continuous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university continues to invest in campus infrastructure and distribute incentive bonuses to teachers that exceed NT$10 million every year. In light of this, the total number of students at the university has continued to rise in recent years. We have become one of the few private science and technology universities that have grown against the trend and achieved excellent management performance.

The university follows the principle of "Two Don'ts and Two Dos." The "Two Don'ts" is "Don't pursue international university rankings" and "Don't aim merely to nurture Nobel Prize winners. The "Two Dos" are "Do ensure that businesses widely welcome students after graduation and such businesses are willing to offer higher compensation packages" and "Do maintain sufficient scientific research expertise to help industries solve problems for transformation and upgrading." Over the years, we have been committed to promoting connections between academia and industries and encouraging integrated applied learning, with the primary goal of fostering industry talents. Our students are highly engaged in industry-academia cooperation so that they can grasp industry trends in advance. The university has been granted subsidies by the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Sprout Project for some years. We have received more than NT$100 million in funding each year, topping the charts among private science and technology universities north of Taichung City! It is evident that the government authorities highly recognize the university. In recent years, we have also had the honor of being awarded titles among private science and technology universities according to surveys conducted by Cheers and Global Views Monthly, including "Favorite College Students of Businesses," "University Management Performance Growth," and "Annual Best University Management Survey." We have an excellent record in upholding practical application, industry-academia cooperation, and integrated application to learn while building a diverse industrial environment and enhancing innovation in research and development. These have nurtured the government, media, and other institutions that highly recognize our students' future workplace competitiveness.

To allow students to grasp industry trends in advance, the university not only refines its close links with industries and academia but also proactively invests resources in optimizing the teaching equipment and campus environment. Our efforts include encouraging digital technologies, such as AI and cloud technology, to support teaching innovation. We are committed to developing intelligent campuses and boundless classrooms. The university advocates "innovative" learning styles ("classrooms anywhere, learning anywhere") and "innovative" learning content (smart manufacturing, AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data, XR [AR/VR/MR], and other applied technologies and services). Our educational model allows students to experience digital technology applications and lifestyles in the AI era in advance, enhancing their cross-disciplinary innovation and future workplace capabilities. We aim to nurture students to become cross-discipline, technical, and vocational talents in line with international industrial development and achieve the goal of "Finding the future for students, finding the talent for work."