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Leading the way to a Pre-eminent University

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Lunghwa University of Science and Technology is a higher education institution with a long history. Through the efforts made by the founder, the board of directors, the presidents, and the faculty, it has become a prospective university of science and technology. So far, it has been striding steadily towards well-planned educational goals.

As for the essence of the academic area, we target at integrating theories into practice as well as at cultivating students' creativity. We spare no efforts in recruiting eminent professors and supplying abundant hardware and software facilities to pursue nonstop progress.

Moreover, we are focusing on developing research on applied sciences and technologies as a feature of this university. Meanwhile, we are dedicated to cooperating with the industry to advance the performance of the whole institution. Promoting the whole person education is another objective of ours. Aside from an emphasis on the students' performances in their majors, the school faculty is devoted to maintaining an educational-friendly environment, organizing a large variety of artistic activities, upgrading students' foreign language skills, and promoting academic exchange with outstanding colleges and universities internationally. With such efforts, we hope we would be in a position to furnish the students with team spirit and good work ethics to meet the demand of the workforce with optimal competitiveness.

We fully understand that this is not an easy task. However, it is my most heartfelt expectation that based on practicality, excellence and innovation, the faculty and the students alike would be determined to work for everlasting progress, making Lunghwa a sophisticated and high-grade university.