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Office of Accounting

Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall

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Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (7th Floor)


The accounting business is the important part of administration, whose performance will influence the administrative efficiency directly. Therefore, accounting business should strengthen the efficiency of auditing in order to achieve the basic goal of 'thrift' and 'abuse-proof.' Also, according to the current decree and regulations, this office aims at developing sound financial system to cooperate with the future plans of Lunghwa. Meanwhile, under the principle of economizing on expenditures , this office will carry out the budget efficiently and offer correct information to the school as the reference of resolution.

The duties include:

  1. Making financial planning for short, medium, and long-range university development
  2. Approximation and decision of annual budget
  3. Carrying out the annual budget
  4. Analyzing the results of budgetary operation
  5. Auditing budgets of all departments
  6. Payment of salary of the faculty members
  7. Dealing with vouchers and accounting books
  8. Management and verification of income and expenditure