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Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

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Department Introduction

The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was established in 1999. The main objectives of the courses are to strengthen foreign language ability, cultivate cross-domain professional knowledge, and improve information technology literacy. The professional fields include "business tourism and exhibition" and "digital culture and education."

Development Features

The main development feature of this department is to solidify students’ English ability, supplemented by Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, and other foreign language training, to cultivate students’ cross-disciplinary professional knowledge and foreign language application ability. The department has cooperated with industry and academia to strengthen students' workplace knowledge by offering three order-based employment programs. The department has been focusing on the needs of corporate talents, including the cultivation of children's English teachers, the cultivation of international mobile skills, and the cultivation of foreign language concierge and tour guide talents. The “Digital Culture and Education” and “Business Tourism and MICE" undergraduate programs provide a series of English teaching introductions and lesson plan designs. The program offers training programs, including digital teaching material production and application, classroom management, and teaching practice. On the other hand, the program also offers courses related to aviation ground service management, English guide interpretation and practice, exhibition planning, and other related professional knowledge and practical techniques in an all-around way.

Professional Facilities

The department features professional facilities, including multi-functional language labs, multimedia labs, smart classrooms, self-access learning centers, writing clinics, multi-language and cultural exchange centers, and competition performance rooms. There are also several self-study software for listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, and testing in different languages.