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BY Mr. Tao-Heng Sun,Chairman of the Board

Tao-Heng SunI firmly believe education is the foundation of a strong country; my parents chose to find a university in northern Taiwan in the Huei-lung and Danfong areas in 1969. The name of the location of the campus bears a Chinese connotation of being an area where promising young men and women would receive education to contribute to the country. It has been set as the goal of this institution that we aim to train the students to be worthy Chinese so that the country will be proud of them.

In retrospect, this university burgeoned from a junior college of technology with only four departments to a university of science and technology with six graduate programs and fourteen departments in three colleges,namely, the College of Engineering, the College of Management, and the College of Humanities and Design.

Looking back over the past, we can't help but be grateful to our founders and predecessors for their wisdom and the hardships they experienced. Consequently, we would resolve to take over the heavy responsibility with an iron no matter what we would confront.

Following government policies fulfill the rationales and ideals of the founders, it is highly expected that the faculty follow the belief in pragmatism,excellence, and innovation to help the students become well-educated, and well-cultivated citizens of our nation, outstanding both scholastically andtechnologically.