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LHU historical buildings


To meet the needs of the economic development of the country and to comply with the firm belief--- education being the foundation of a strong country, my parents chose to found a university at the Huei-lung and Danfong area in northern Taiwan in 1969. The name of the location of the campus bears a Chinese connotation of being an area where numerous promising young men and women will be educated to make a contribution to the country. It has been set as the goal of this institution that we aim at training the students to be worthy Chinese so that the Republic of China will be proud of them.

Abiding by the school motto, "Diligence, Dedication, Integrity, and Simplicity", this school aims at developing science and technology, devoting itself to curriculum planning and instruction, stressing theory and practice, as well as emphasizing research and development so that graduates from this school will be furnished with not only an adequate academic background but also a solid background in technology. Thanks to the hard work of the presidents and the faculty, we have made remarkable progress. Lunghwa has been established for more than forty years, the original name of this school, Lunghwa Polytechnic was changed to Lunghwa Junior College of Technology, then, Lunghwa Junior College of Commerce and Technology. In 1999, it was upgraded to a four-year technical college and was renamed Lunghwa Institute of Technology. Due to the impressive progress made by the faculty, this school was ratified to change its name to Lunghwa University of Science and Technology in 2001.

In retrospect, this university burgeoned from a junior college of technology with only four departments to a university of science and technology with six graduate programs, and fourteen departments in three colleges, namely, the College of Engineering, the College of Management, and the College of Humanities and Design.

Looking back over the past, we can't but be grateful to our founder and our predecessors for their wisdom and for the hardships they had experienced. Consequently, we would resolve to take over the heavy responsibility with an iron no matter what we would confront. In accordance with government policies, the goals of this university are set to substantiate the objectives of vocational education, to keep up with the trend of science and technology, to meet the needs of the society, and to fulfill the rationales and ideals of the founders. It is highly expected that the faculty follow the belief in pragmatism, excellence, and innovation to help the students become well-educated, well-cultivated citizens of our nation, outstanding both scholastically and technologically.