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Bright Future



Lunghwa has been established in the field of university of technology for more than forty years. In order to accommodate Lunghwa to the current education system, we keep inputting energy and implementing new policies. In these recent years, we also encourage students to participate in international competitions and reward faculty who teach in creative way or endeavor after resources. Through the collective efforts of the faculty and students, Lunghwa creates lots of “FIRST”, such as the first private university of science and technology in northern Taiwan; the first place of university evaluation in 2010; Selected as the “Technological University Paradigm” from 2012 to 2016, the only private University of Technology getting the award in Northern Taiwan and the only northern private school which earns the grants for eleven consecutive years from the Ministry of Education. Lately, Lunghwa has expended the school buildings, the recruitment of new staff members, or the renewal of the facilities. Lunghwa has demonstrated a rising and vigorous image.

The goal of vocational education is practical and applicable. In order to fulfill the distinguishing features of vocational education, Lunghwa not only educates students the latest professional knowledge and theories but also reinforces their practical skills. We hope the promotion of the holistic education and the liberal arts will contribute to enhancing students’ modesty and flexibility so that they will be phenomenal in any positions of industry. Furthermore, all of the training is intended to help every student to be more confident to have a bright future.

To promise a prosperous future for the students at Lunghwa, I hope the faculty will be even more inspired to establish a campus culture of practicality, excellence and innovation. With utmost efficiency and aggressiveness, we will be fully dedicated to an incessant advancement.