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Bright Future

Prof. Ru-Jen Lin, the VicePresident(Administrative)

Mr. Sun Fa-MiLunghwa University of Science and Technology is deeply engaged in technical and vocational education, seeking growth in stability in the early stage of its establishment, and continuously injecting new blood and vitality into the future. Looking back, from junior colleges and technical colleges to today's University of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education's visits, evaluations, media surveys, etc., step by step, all colleagues trembled and worked tirelessly, and under the efforts of the teachers and students of the whole school to seek innovation and change, and work together to exert team spirit, in recent years, we have successfully created many first-class achievements, which shows that the quality of the university is excellent in teaching, research and practical skills, and its school-running performance has been widely recognized by all sectors of society.

The development of technical and vocational education should be guided by pragmatism and application, cultivate students to acquire the latest professional knowledge during school, strengthen practical ability, integrate industry-university research with industry technology, actively develop the characteristics of science and technology education, and cooperate with the promotion of whole-person education to cultivate students' harmony and humility and dedication to work, so as to cultivate liberal arts and technology talents with both professional skills and humanistic qualities for the national society, so that every Lunghwa student can be full of vision and confidence in their future development.

Personally, I firmly believe that only in diligence, perseverance, hard thinking and busyness can we create the value of life and experience the infinite vitality of life. In order to make Lunghwa people have a better vision, it is hoped that the entire university administration team will not only remember the proud achievements created together in the past, but also establish a high degree of administrative performance with the belief of innovation, pursue sustainable development, and shape a small but beautiful, small and exquisite high-quality university of science and technology.