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Department of Industrial Management

Department of Industrial Management

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Department Introduction

The Department of Industrial Management is the department with the longest history among the various departments of the College of Management. The purpose of the establishment of this department is to cultivate operation management talents with manufacturer integration ability and character traits for the manufacturing industry.

The goal is to equip students with the ability of production, marketing, labor, research and development, projects and financial management, especially integrate the theory and practice of industrial management, enhance the cooperation between industry, government, academia and research, and provide academic and research results to give back to the society.

Development Features

  1. Featured courses in industrial management: industrial automation, R&D management, total quality management, strategic management, industrial safety, manufacturing procedures, quality engineering, six standard deviations
  2. Specialized courses in industrial electronics: network information technology application, service industry management, supply chain management, simulation, knowledge management, automated production system, network programming, system analysis, and design, network management, computer application software, circulation Information systems, geographic information systems
  3. Management decision-making courses: financial management, human resource management, marketing management, strategic management, management accounting, engineering economics, investment analysis, business diagnosis, decision analysis and management, industrial economics, and customer relationship management

Professional Facilities

Global supply chain management and E-logistics laboratory, production and sales cycle computerized integration laboratory, and enterprise management and analysis laboratory.