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Established in 2001, the Language Center is affiliated with the College of Humanities and Design. Its primary goal is to create diverse and excellent language learning environments to enhance students' foreign language proficiency for academic or professional advancement, and to strengthen their competitiveness in the global job market. The Language Center is responsible for enhancing language learning and teaching at the university. To comply with the university's policy of globalization and international cooperation, the Language Center is dedicated to strengthening student competence in foreign languages. To further execute the mission, the Language Center has been upgrading its software/hardware, creating bilingual (or multilingual) environments, increasing the passing rate of standardized proficiency tests on both English and Japanese, hosting university-wide language contests, and promoting international academic exchange.


Title Name Job Description Extension
Chair Li-Chuan Jan Supervise administrative and service activities 6800
Section Chief Chiu-Ping Huang Assist chair on administrative duties 6851
Assistant Wei-Zhen Zhang Arrange classrooms for General English courses
Organize English placement test
Calculate self-learning points
Manage internal and external school documents
Manage Language Center Property
Update and Maintain Language Center Web page
Assistant Yi-Hua Xu Arrange English test preparation courses
Arrange on campus testing --CSEPT and TOEIC
Organize intra/inter-college and high school foreign language competitions
Be in charge of test refund
Calculate testing results and prepare statistics report


  1. Administer English placement test for freshmen each academic year.
  2. Administer listening and reading pretests and postests for freshmen and sophomores each semester.
  3. Arrange the freshman and sophomore English curricula.
  4. Organize and host intra and inter-college foreign language competitions.
  5. Arrange English test preparation courses.
  6. Organize tests for language certificates.
  7. Review application for waiving foreign language courses.