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Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall

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Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (6th Floor)


Office of General Affairs provides the logistics support for the teaching and the research of our students and faculty. Its responsibilities range from as small as cleaning-up to as big as equipment purchasing and building constructions. Currently the Office of General Affairs is divided into four divisions: General Service, Construction and Maintenance, Property Management, Files and Documents. Major duties of each division are as follows:

  1. Cleaning campus environment.
  2. Waste/garbage sorting and recycling.
  3. Greening and beautification of campus environment.
  4. Site loans and management.
  5. University properties purchase.
  6. Official vehicles management.
  7. Automobile parking management.
  8. Janitors' supervision.

Construction and Maintenance Division

  1. Construction planning.
  2. Building inspection and maintenance.
  3. Electricity and water management.
  4. Telecommunication system management.
  5. Elevator management and maintenance.
  6. Air-conditioning facilities management and maintenance.
  7. Fire-fighting and civil defense.

Property Management Division

  1. Property and goods management.
  2. Property insurance.
  3. Land and building title-deed keeping.
  4. Management of space and sites for activities.

Files and Documents Division

  1. Mail reception and distribution management.
  2. University formal stamp management.
  3. Document and file management.
  4. Copying and typing of documents and files .
  5. Office of General Affairs newsletter.
  6. Cashier Division
  7. Charging and refund of tuition fees.
  8. Issuing of salaries and wages.
  9. Academic and non-academic outlays.
  10. Capital management.
  11. Receipt processing.