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Campus Life

LHU Coffee Bar


Presently, there are three dormitory buildings on the LHU campus. The W Building (Women’s Dorm I), the M Building (Men’s Dorm I and Women’s Dorm II), and the Young Dormitory (Men’s Dorm II and Women’s Dorm III). All the dormitory buildings are fully furnished and provide internet access for students to conduct academic research. The LHU dormitories are highly secured with reliable surveillance systems and IC chip implanted card keys. Washing machines, spin-dryers, and tumble dryers are available on each floor to be shared by all tenants.

The W Building and Young Dormitory are composed of rooms for four, while each room in the M Building is shared by three students. All the rooms in the W Building and Young Dormitory are equipped with independent bathrooms and air conditioners. Rooms in the M Building also have independent air conditioners; however, the price is relatively lower as the tenants have to use public bathrooms.

Recreational Facilities

  1. Health center: located in the second teaching building 1F. There is a physician in  the Health Center (S101: 10AM–12PM) and a school nurse (8:30AM–9:00PM, Mon–Fri). If you need further medical consultation, please visit the Health Center  for a referral.
  2. Nursing rooms: located in the second teaching building 1F.
  3. Recreational facilities in Lunghwa include an indoor gymnasium, a table tennis room, an aerobics room, a physical fitness center, an outdoor 200-meter track and field ground, two cement-ground basketball courts, two PU basketball courts, volleyball and tennis courts, and an apparatus room.
  4. As you smell the aroma of coffee while walking around in Lunghwa Square, you will feel like you are on the Left Bank in Paris. Students or visitors may read, chat, and enjoy fast food and coffee here daily.
  5. The MODO Baking Cafe & Tea supply: offers Japanese style dishes such as Japanese style food, dessert, drink and so on..
  6. Restaurant and Cafeteria: provides breakfast in Chinese style, buffet, lunch boxes, dumpling, noodles, etc.
  7. Convenience Store: sells beverages, bread, daily essential items, prepared food, phone-cards, stamps, mineral water, dairy products, etc.
  8. Chia-yu Bookstore: sells stationery, books, notebooks, etc.