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With constant planning and striving, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology finally broke through all the difficulties and was upgraded as the first private university of science and technology in northern Taiwan. Now as we have planned, new school buildings have been constructed, excellent and qualified teachers have been invited, and educational facilities have been installed in Lunghwa. Lunghwa will present itself a refreshing environment for teaching and learning. To create a perfect educational environment and support specialized teaching, we have constructed University Library, NationalConferenceCenter, ArtCenter, and Lunghwa Cyberuniversity system:

  1. Founded in 1969, the University Library has gone through several reconstructions. It is currently an 8-story building, covering a total of 5,892 square meters, located on scenic Lunghwa Slope. The library supports the teaching, research and service goals of Lunghwa University, with an outstanding collection of 210,000 volumes and 600 periodicals in several languages. Computer facilities at the library are automated and linked to the TANet and the campus LAN. Resource sharing through links with OPAC and WWW are also available.
  2. There are various artistic exhibitionsand presentations in ArtCenter, which creates the esthetic and artistic atmosphere among teachers and students in the campus.
  3. In the advanced NationalConferenceCenter, the  transnational conference can be held synchronically with live broadcasting on the Internet.
  4. The system of Lunghwa Cyberuniversity provides teachers teaching on-line and students learning with distance learning.
  5. The function of wireless access net-work creates the learning environment everywhere in the campus.