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Office of Extension Education

Office of Extension Education

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E-Mail: nd@mail.lhu.edu.tw
Office:Teaching Building 1 (1th Floor)


The Office of Extension Education was established to provide lifelong education. By utilizing the teaching resources of the day school, such as teachers and facilities, we have set up a variety of study paths. The program includes evening classes (formerly known as on-job classes), in-service classes, credit-extension classes, study schools, and distance learning to provide different study paths for those who wish to continue their education in the evening or on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Extension Education’s academic structure is more complex than the Day Division’s. It can be divided into evening classes and Saturday/Sunday classes according to the class time, and university classes and master classes according to the academic level. Currently, the university division has a four-year technology continuing education department, four-year technology in-service class, two-year technology department, two-year technology in-service class, four-year technology industry-academia cooperation class, and a master’s in-service course for a master’s degree.