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Office of Extension Education

Office of Extension Education

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E-Mail: nd@mail.lhu.edu.tw
Office:Teaching Building 1 (1th Floor)


The Office of Extension Education(OEE) is in charge of various evening and weekend on-job training programs.

Students of the evening programs attend classes six days a week (Monday through Saturday). The four-year program recruits graduates from vocational high schools into eleven departments: Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronic Engineering (EnE), Information and Network Engineering (INE), Industrial Management (IdM), International Business (IB), Finance (FN), Information Management (IfM), Business Administration (BA), Applied Foreign Languages (AFL) and Multimedia and Game Science (MGC). The two-year senior-college program admits junior college graduates into eight departments: IdM, IB, FN, IfM, and BA. Students from both four-year and two-year programs will be conferred a bachelor’s degree upon graduation.

The weekend programs include a two-year senior-college program and four-year program.The former admits junior college graduates into five departments: IdM, FN, IfM , BA and AFL, the latter recruits graduates from vocational or general high schools into six departments:ME, IfM, IdM, INE, MGC and AFL.Graduates would be conferred a bachelor degree.

In 2006, the on-job training master program of the Institute of Business and Management was established in the OEE. Graduates would be conferred a master degree.

In 2008, the on-job training master program of the Institute of Engineering Technology was established in the OEE. Graduates would be conferred a master degree

Academic Affairs Section

  1. Coordinate course arrangement.
  2. Process application for summer sessions.
  3. Process teacher’s application for leave and rescheduling of classes.
  4. Acknowledge students’ selection of courses
  5. Administer to midterm and final examinations.
  6. Process application for leave for midterm and final examinations.
  7. Administer to the entrance examination.
  8. Process application for retention of student’s status.
  9. Process application for transcripts and certificates of completion.
  10. Process application for reissuing of official documents.
  11. Process application for suspension or resumption of schooling.
  12. Process application for changes of names or addresses etc.
  13. Stamp seals to photocopied transcripts and certificate of schooling.
  14. Process application for departmental or sectional transfer.
  15. Print and mail semester-end transcripts.

Student Affairs Section

  1. Hold freshman orientation, plan graduation ceremony, handle accident, publicize campus safety and traffic safety, process application for emergency aid, and help students’ insurance claim.
  2. Hold homeroom teachers’ meetings and process selections of best homeroom teachers.
  3. Process student affairs including requests for leave, holding of class meetings and weekly meetings, and application for student loan and tuition fees reduction etc.
  4. Process students’ military service.
  5. Promote extracurricular activities including meetings with the president and the director, seminars for student club cadres, student clubs meetings, and organization and execution of student contests.

GeneraL Affairs Section

  1. Handle and process utilities-related matters
  2. Maintain utilities and facilities
  3. Maintain non-scheduled patrol of the campus, register any damages witnessed and notify repair personnel
  4. Assist in handling and maintenance of fire alarms and other accidental incidents
  5. Comply with duty rotation on holidays.
  6. Administering the Parking of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
  7. Process application for parking permits for motor vehicles and motorcycles owners.
  8. Conduct parking permits check and assist parking management.
  9. Process any matters related to purchase and refund of parking permits, registration number change, and reissuing of permits etc.
  10. Announce application for parking permits at the end of each semester.
  11. Allocate budget for student workers.
  12. Charging students for document application
  13. Receive fees for document application and write receipt for payment.

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