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General Education Center

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To strengthen the integration of humanities, science, and ethics and to equip students with humanistic qualities with good habits of respecting the law and good manners, the university's former Division of Liberal Studies was transformed into the General Education Center in September 2001. The center is responsible for the planning and implementation of the liberal studies curriculum of the entire university. Education aims to cultivate outstanding human resources in moral, intellectual, technical, physical, social, and aesthetic development.

The school is a whole-person education institution that places equal emphasis on "knowledge acquisition" and "attitude development," which includes the three major areas of "personality traits," "humanities," and "professional talents." The General Education Center is responsible for implementing the "Humanities" education to design the compulsory liberal studies curriculum suitable for the university's technical and vocational orientation from a broad and diversified viewpoint to enrich the content of liberal studies. Students are encouraged to participate in arts and culture events, sports competitions, language certification, classical book reading, and community service activities. A course selection mechanism has been established to consider students' needs and shortcomings, and the teachers in General Education Center will fully assist in counseling students in course selection. A core course on workplace ethics is also offered to junior students to develop the right attitude toward the workplace after graduation.