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Experts from Domestic and International Sectors Convene at Lunghwa to Advance Net Zero Emissions, Environmental Protection, and Sustainability.

Oct 23 2023

The urgency of climate change's impact has sparked global concern, leading to the widespread declaration and commitment to “Net Zero Emissions by 2050.” Responding to this global imperative, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology hosted the “2023 Forum on Capture, Storage, Reuse, and Environmental Technology of Carbon” on October 22. The forum brought together officials, including Director Yu-hui Yang from the Department of Technological and Vocational Education, Ministry of Education; Deputy Director-General Hui-zhen Jian from Chemicals Administration, Ministry of Environment; Director Sheng-zhong Wu from the Environmental Protection Bureau, Taipei City; Director Hong-yi Chen from the Environmental Protection Bureau, Taichung City; industry representatives; and scholars and experts from the United States, Canada, and various other countries. They shared research findings on relevant new technologies and applications, aiming to consolidate consensus through academic exchanges, foster the spirit of sustainable environmental protection, and underscore the importance of achieving net zero emissions.

Chairman Tao-Heng Sun, in his opening speech, emphasized that pursuing sustainable development for human survival has become the shared mission of all countries. Education plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable development, with energy conservation and carbon capture technology being essential issues in Taiwan, valued by the international community. Lunghwa University of Science and Technology, well-supported by government agencies and various sectors in its educational endeavors, aims to closely follow the trend of carbon issues. Through seminars and exchanges between industry, government, and academia, the university seeks to lead students into the field of carbon capture technology, creating more opportunities for development in the carbon field.

President Tzu-Hsiang Ko highlighted the importance of sustained commitment in addressing the global challenge of achieving net zero emissions amid climate change. The university has established the Center for University Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development to drive progress toward a green campus. Initiatives such as water and energy conservation, resource recycling, and the formation of Green Clubs for Net Zero and Carbon Reduction among students are actively promoted. Practical teaching materials about new energy are being developed with the support of the National Science Council to cultivate talents contributing to the country’s advancement.

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology collaborates strongly with the Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (OCEESA), the Taiwan PM2.5 Monitoring and Control Industry Development Association, and the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers. Facing the challenges and opportunities arising from global climate change, the university and these organizations invite experts from Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, mainland China, and other regions to share their insights and engage in discussions. This knowledge exchange provides Taiwan with invaluable perspectives on achieving net zero emissions, acquiring a broader range of up-to-date technical information and strategies. The university aims to contribute to long-term carbon reduction goals by aligning with the global community. Moreover, the forum features a poster competition and exhibition for high school, vocational school, and college students, adding more diversity and vibrancy to the event. The collaborative efforts of domestic and international stakeholders are essential in promoting net zero emissions.


Lunghwa University organized a forum, uniting forces from various sectors at home and abroad to collaborate in promoting net zero emissions.
Lunghwa University organized a forum, uniting forces from various sectors at home and abroad to collaborate in promoting net zero emissions.

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