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2023 Best University Rankings in Taiwan: Lunghwa once again among the Top 30 Comprehensive Universities

Jun 30 2023

According to the latest results from the "2023 Best Universities Rankings" announced by Global Views Monthly, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology has once again entered the Top 30 list in the "Best Comprehensive University of the Year" appraisal. It also ranks among the top 3 private universities of science and technology. Earlier this year, the University secured the first position in the "2023 Enterprises' Favorite College Students" list among private universities of science and technology in Taiwan, as surveyed by Global Views Monthly and Cheers. This achievement surpasses many national universities with substantial resources and traditionally renowned private universities.

President Tzu-Hsiang Ko stated that Lunghwa University of Science and Technology has been committed to promoting practical education through industry-university collaboration and the integration of learning and application for many years. The institution has dedicated significant efforts to cultivating industry-university partnerships and enhancing students' cross-field innovation and R&D capabilities to bolster their competitiveness in the workplace. In recent years, the University has continued to invest in both software and hardware, actively forming industry-university alliances with enterprises, establishing industry research and development centers, and deepening industry-university R&D results to support industrial advancement. It also aims to foster talent through joint industry-university cooperation.

In the past year, the Ministry of Education has granted Lunghwa University more than NT$100 million for three projects successively. These projects include a NT$100 million subsidy to establish a "base for electronic structure design of high-speed transmission interfaces and talent and technology training testing," more than NT$147.95 million in support through the Higher Education Sprout Project in 2023, and an overall fund exceeding NT$109.09 million in 2023. The scale of the university's endowment fund ranks among the top three among universities of Science and Technology in Taiwan. Education authorities highly commend Lunghwa's consistent progress in academic affairs.

President Ko emphasized that Lunghwa University of Science and Technology upholds the educational philosophy of "pragmatism, excellence, and innovation" and is positioned as an applied science and technology university focused on cultivating practical talents in the industry and providing innovative technical services. Given the declining birth rate in Taiwan and decreasing numbers of applicants, a comprehensive university offering a wide range of majors could risk losing its distinctive features and competitiveness. Utilizing the Higher Education Sprout Project funds, overall development subsidy funds, and its resources, Lunghwa continues to invest in improving teacher qualifications, equipment, and the campus environment. Talent cultivation centers on establishing multifaceted smart practice field platforms that emphasize multiple intelligences, reinforce cross-field technology integration, and develop strengths and features closely linked to the industry.

President Ko stressed that Lunghwa University of Science and Technology was established over half a century ago and remains committed to pursuing excellence, upholding pragmatism and practicality, and deeply cultivating applied technologies and services such as smart manufacturing, AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data, and XR (AR/VR/MR). The University aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed across various fields, preparing them to become highly sought-after talents in future society. The ultimate goal is to "discover the future for students and uncover talents for jobs."


Enterprises generally favor the graduates from Lunghwa due to its insistence on featured education.
Enterprises generally favor the graduates from Lunghwa due to its insistence on featured education.

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