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Lunghwa Teachers Wishing the Graduates to Bravely Pursue Their Dreams towards Their Goals in the Graduation Ceremony

Jun 10 2023

The 2023 commencement was held at Lunghwa University of Science and Technology on June 10. This year, there are 2,981 graduates from both day and evening divisions. President Tzu-Hsiang Ko first congratulated the graduates on completing their studies and entering a new stage of life, wishing them to spread their wings and soar high. He earnestly reminded the graduates to continue learning from their experiences and actively seek knowledge after entering the workplace to seize the opportunities for the re-emergence of many industries in the post-pandemic era.

President Ko also encouraged the students, acknowledging that most graduates would soon enter society and become newcomers to the workplace, facing genuine social challenges and various new hurdles. Especially in the wake of ChatGPT's launch at the end of 2022, it has profoundly impacted and transformed human life. In the future workplace, where AI is likely to replace much of the workforce, your competition won't be your classmates but artificial intelligence machines. Your victory will lie in creating the value you need, contributing to others, and adapting to this changing landscape.

Since internship companies have retained many graduates who successfully entered the workplace, President Ko congratulated them and shared the joy with everyone. According to the Ministry of Labor's recent announcement of the average salary for college graduates in Taiwan, it stands at NT$34,000 per month. Many students at Lunghwa already earned higher salaries than the average monthly salary during their internships. After graduation, most of them were retained by enterprises, and their internships were also recognized in the seniority list. An annual salary of one million is not a distant dream.

President Ko emphasized that as the COVID-19 pandemic shows signs of easing, various industries are poised for growth. For instance, in recruiting interns at the Department of Tourism and Leisure, each student has about 30 job opportunities, including internships paying up to NT$47,000. The outstanding performance of Lunghwa alumni has brought honor to the University, leading to its first-place ranking again in the double survey of "2023 Enterprises’ Favorite College Students" among private universities of science and technology in Taiwan by the well-known domestic media, Global Views Monthly, and Cheers this year.

On behalf of Chairman Tao-Heng Sun, Dr. Ru-Jen Lin, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, also congratulated the students on their graduation and expressed gratitude to the teachers for nurturing the graduates who are about to enter the workplace. Vice President Lin pointed out that Lunghwa's motto of "Diligence, Respect, Sincerity, and Simplicity" is embodied in C=(K+S)A, which means that competency (C) equals knowledge (K) plus skills (S) and, more importantly, an excellent working attitude (A). She also hoped that the graduates would uphold a diligent and dedicated attitude towards work and treat people with sincerity and simplicity, whether in the workplace or when starting a business. It is believed that they will reap rich rewards and achieve significant milestones in the future.

This year, a large-scale graduation ceremony was held for the first time at Lunghwa in nearly four years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The graduates and their relatives and friends at the event wore joyful expressions, filled with excitement and pride, making the campus brim with joy. Guests turned the tassels for the graduates and presented various outstanding awards, while the teachers of the graduating classes offered their blessings. Many graduates and their parents took photos with their teachers, resembling a teacher appreciation event. The atmosphere was warm, touching, and filled with laughter.


Ms. Shu-Chuan Chen Sun, the founder, presented the C Value Excellence Awards.
Ms. Shu-Chuan Chen Sun, the founder, presented the C Value Excellence Awards.

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