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Lunghwa Receiving a High Reward of NT$147 Million for Its Outstanding Achievements in Higher Education, Maintaining Its Position as the Top Private University of Science and Technology in Northern Taiwan

May 18 2023

According to the budget review and allocation results for the MOE Higher Education Sprout Project in 2023, Lunghwa's reward amount has continuously grown for six consecutive years. This year, it received a reward of NT$147.95 million, surpassing the NT$100 million average each year and showing a significant increase of over NT$16.42 million compared to last year. It maintains its position as the top private university of science and technology in Northern Taiwan. This achievement demonstrates Lunghwa's dedication to practical and applied education, actively promoting industry-academia collaboration and integrating theory with practice. It has successfully nurtured students with strong competitiveness for the future workplace, earning recognition for its educational performance.

President Tzu-Hsiang Ko said that over the past six years, Lunghwa has received over NT$747 million in reward subsidies, mainly aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes. This includes rewarding students who complete double majors or minors, with the highest reward amounting to NT$190,000, making it the highest among universities in Taiwan. It also provides subsidies of up to NT$120,000 for students to participate in student exchange programs at sister universities abroad. Students who participate in external competitions and invention exhibitions are fully subsidized. If they win awards, they are eligible to receive a maximum prize of NT$60,000 and participate in study and exchange programs at sister universities abroad free of charge.

The university also offers free professional certification coaching classes, English proficiency coaching classes, and subsidies for students' professional certification registration fees. Upon successful certification, students are awarded high scholarships. In addition, students' registration fees for English proficiency certification are subsidized, and those who pass the certification will receive a maximum reward of NT$30,000. Students in the leading professional classes are also provided with a total subsidy of NT$5,000 for the material fee each year. Students can freely use cloud-based professional software for convenient online learning anytime, anywhere. The university also fully subsidizes students' graduation exhibitions and company visits, with students not needing to pay any money. Being a student at Lunghwa is genuinely a fortunate experience!

In line with the government's promotion of the 5+2 Innovative Industry Development Policy, Lunghwa has been selected as a demonstration base for the industry elite training of the Ministry of Education. It is the only private university of science and technology in Taiwan that has established a "3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Smart Manufacturing Line Factory" and a "(5G) Mobile Communication Module Testing and Calibration Industry Environment Factory." In addition, the university is establishing a "High-Speed Transmission Interface Electronic Assembly Design and Talent Testing and Technology Cultivation Base" and semiconductor laboratories. Through synchronous production line practical fields in collaboration with the information and communication technology industry, Lunghwa actively promotes industry-academia collaboration, allowing students to focus on the demands of the 5G industry and becoming a key talent-cultivating hub for the 5+2 critical industries.

To cultivate talents in domestic semiconductor process and packaging testing technology, Lunghwa became the first private university of science and technology to receive approval from the Ministry of Education to establish a Semiconductor Engineering Department, starting in the academic year 2023. It is also the first university to have a teaching center for a complete semiconductor device production line, offering courses and practical programs in the manufacturing process, packaging, and testing, actively nurturing semiconductor professionals. In response to digital development strategies and industry transformation needs in Taiwan, the Department of International Business Administration officially changed its name to the Department of Digital Marketing and Cross-border Business, starting in the academic year 2023. Through collaboration with chambers of commerce and industry, the department integrates cross-border e-commerce community network resources, providing students with the necessary expertise and skills for future needs and cultivating interdisciplinary talents who possess local care, global perspectives, and teamwork abilities in digital marketing and cross-border business operations.

President Ko stressed that, in addition to developing distinctive strengths and closely linking with industries, the booming development of AI intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent years has prompted Lunghwa to utilize digital technologies such as AI and cloud computing for innovative teaching. This includes creating a smart campus and borderless classrooms, allowing students to experience early applications of AI technology and lifestyle in the AI era. This enhances their interdisciplinary innovation and future workplace skills and trains them to become the most sought-after talents in the future society, ultimately achieving the goal of "finding the future for students and finding talents for jobs."


Lunghwa received a high reward of NT$147 million from MOE, maintaining its position as the top private university of sicence and technology in northern Taiwan.
Lunghwa received a high reward of NT$147 million from MOE, maintaining its position as the top private university of sicence and technology in northern Taiwan.

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