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Interactive Technology (VR/AR/MR) Technical Service Center

Interactive Technology (VR/AR/MR) Technical Service Center


With the advent of the metaverse era, the university actively integrates existing resources, establishes an interactive technology service center and an interactive core technology research and development team to promote industry-university cooperation and provide vocational and primary and secondary school VR/AR teaching and experience in Taoyuan City, New Taipei City, and Taipei City. In addition, the center actively strives to cooperate with interactive technology-related industries to develop products, cultivate talents from both sides, and share resources.

Interactive Technology Technical Service Center mainly focuses on virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) application content development; the current implementation results are primarily integrated into innovative lifestyles (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, gaming multimedia technology, cultural creativity and design, sightseeing guide and exhibition) and other practical technologies. The center promotes projects integrating with USR projects to implement the Ministry of Education's “Site Representation: Lo-Sheng Sanatorium and Hospital Feature Advancement and Cultural Revitalization Project.” The project features VR, AR, and interactive guided tour Apps, which reshape the landscape and features of the Lo-Sheng Sanatorium and Hospital and advise users to visit the original campus through technology. In addition, the center has set up the “Interdisciplinary Credit Program of Interactive Technology,” cooperated with the industry to compile interactive technology digital teaching materials, and hired teachers to teach and guide the production of particular topics, to cultivate interactive technology-related talents required by the industry jointly. The center has obtained the operating funds of the Andong Youth Innovation Base of Taoyuan Youth Affairs Bureau, focusing on interactive technology and driving youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

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