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3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Factory

3D Digital Circuit Board Design


The printed circuit board (PCB) industry is crucial to domestic electronics. Seeing that 70% of the human resource demand for the PCB industry and SMT intelligent manufacturing is concentrated in the north, the school received the Ministry of Education’s “Industrial Elite Training Demonstration Center” program subsidy. It established a 3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Factory. The site, officially inaugurated in October 2018, is the only 3D digital PCB and SMT intelligent manufacturing production line modeling factory in Taiwan.

The “PCB-SMT” production line built by the 3D Digital Circuit Board Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line Factory featured an advanced “Photo-mask-less laser direct engraving PCB” process and intelligent SMT (Surface-mount technology). The production line equipment is the cutting edge ones used in the industry, allowing schools to produce products on a small scale. In the past, when vocational college students interned in factories, they often only learned the operation and process on separate machines. Now they can complete one-stop internships on the production line in an environment similar to factories, accumulate experience, and seamlessly integrate their expertise into the workplace after graduation.

  The university has joined four corporates, including Industrial Research Institute, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association, and Taiwan Embedded Microcontroller Development Institute, and maintains a partnership with 11 universities. Moreover, the university has joined forces with many enterprises to cofound the "3D Digital Circuit Board Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Integration and Application Teaching Strategy Alliance.” Those enterprises include ASE, Keysight Taiwan, Nexcom Computer, Career Group, Taiwan Speed Wireless Technology, Mega Bang Electronic, Yusong International, Taiyu International, etc. Combined with senior professionals, universities, and industry, the university has devoted itself to cultivating industry key workforce for circuit board layout and advanced process integration technology.
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