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Department of Tourism and Leisure

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Department of Tourism and Leisure

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.6931
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College of Humanities and Sciences
Group: Tourism
International Admission: Bachelor

The Department of Tourism and Leisure aims to emulate the governmental effort of propagating the notion of globalization by educating and training students to become prospective talents which tourism, hospitality and leisure industries require for further development. It comes in line with the school developmental strategies, valuing pragmatism and skill application. The corresponding curriculum is thus designed to expand and enrich students’ tourism and leisure -related experiences and abilities. They can become professionals able to apply combined knowledge of humanities and sciences both in tourism and leisure and hospitality management, with a global perspective and commitment to development of diverse local cultures. The following objectives are permanently in focus:

  1. Producing tourism professionals having a global perspective and the ability to aid local cultural development, in an effort to propel developing new service industry, to facilitate industry reconstruction, and to promote Taiwanese tourism globally.
  2. Providing tourism and leisure -related expertise to students so as to qualify them as professionals in both service and management.
  3. Training students to specialise in sales and tourism and leisure management and planning in the context of globalisation.


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