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4 key indicator to distinguish a reliable University of Science and Technology

MAY 27 2021

Nowadays most of the private school are facing the problem of being shut down. So the‘Enrollment rate’ and ‘number of students’ are regarded as important indicator to show whether the school will be long-lived.
But! Other than longevity of school, a school that show initiative on improving educational resources and teaching quality is also important. There are 4 key indicators we have below.

1> Cases number of MOE teaching practice research program
The more programs a school taken, means teachers from the school attach more importance on his/her teaching quality, and student have better learning content

2>Results of participating in competitions and publication of papers by current students
To achieve good result in various competition and paper publication, not only depends on student’s own ability and willingness, also the resources that the school provided.
Especially the private school are still willing to invest on students with limited resources are commendable.

3> Teacher’s income from industry-academia cooperation
Higher the price of cooperation cases that teacher have. It shows how much affirmation from industry that teacher and school get. And effect the number of investment from industry.

4>Field- Weighted.Citation Impact
Higher the score in FWCI shows better quality in research.
The best research have made, not from any National university of science and technology but private university Lunghwa university of science and technology.

The pace of technological development is extremely fast. The issue of product development can be solved through the collaborate between industry and school
And with the outstanding research and latest technique that Lunghwa provide .Thats why Lunghwa’s has high evaluation among the company’s .


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