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Department of Mechanical Engineering & Master’s Program in Mechanical Engineering

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E-Mail: me@mail.lhu.edu.tw

College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: master


In order to meet the requirements of the industry and integrate engineering techniques in various fields of the master program in the department of mechanical engineering. The resources in the research units in the college of engineering, such as the Center of Valuable Equipments, the Center of Applied Plasma Technology Research and Development, the Center of Energy and Resources Technology Development and Service, the Center of Precision Equipments and the Center of Micro-nano Technology, are integrated to provide the faculty and the graduate students excellent facilities and equipments. It is expected to promote the faculty for research and development acts in cooperation with the industry and to educate the students the useful knowledge and advanced skills so that they can be hired by industry after graduation.

Research Fields

The distinguished research fields consist of optomechatronics, micro-precision technology, energy and plasma technology and nano materials to meet the critical goals of micro/precision technology and green technology.


Optomechatronics field focuses on intelligent control, machine vision, integration of optical and electronic mechanics, virtual reality.

  1. Precision technology focuses on CAD/CAM/CAE, micro mold design and analysis, micro-injection, precision measurements, structural and dynamics analysis and precision manufacturing, etc.
  2. Energy and plasma technology focuses on waste treatments by plasma, nano diamond film, surface modifications, sterilization, fresh fruit preservation, plasma and fluid simulation, risk and reliability, etc.
  3. Nano materials field focuses on powder engineering, nano opto catalyst, nano ceramic material, optoelectronic/semiconductor material and reuse of resources, etc.

College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor & master


To follow the pace of economical growth and industrial needs, our research and teaching programs focus on two areas: precision manufacturing and mechatronics. Several specialties are emphasized throughout the undergraduate program, including: computer aided design/manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), CNC machining, mold design manufacturing, micro forming, precision measurement, hydro-pneumatic control, programmable logic controller (PLC), microprocessor, sensors, and automatic control.


Our features are demonstrated in the laboratories, categorized into the following two major fields:

  1. Precision manufacturing field: CAD/CAM laboratory, CNC laboratory, material testing laboratory, mechanical engineering workshop, micro forming laboratory, precision measurement laboratory, inverse engineering laboratory, CAE laboratory, and CFD laboratory.
  2. Mechatronics field: electronic and electromechanical laboratory, PLC laboratory, mechatronics laboratory, sensors and control laboratory, pneumatics and hydraulics laboratory, microprocessor laboratory, and optical and electronic mechanics laboratory.


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