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Department of International Business

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.6201
Fax: 886-2-82093211ext.6210
E-Mail: it@mail.lhu.edu.tw

College of Management
Group: Finance and Economics
International Admission: Bachelor


The main objective of this department is to cultivate staffers and decision-makers of excellent caliber in today’s globalizing trends. Besides two-pronged skills, i.e. basic business-related analytic and synthetic abilities and professional expressiveness in foreign languages, this department also endeavors to strengthen students’ expertise in advanced theories and their application in real situations pragmatically.


Pedagogical axial principles dictate concrete courses which revolve around merger of theoretic and practical manifestation of business knowledge, exploration and development of international markets, saturation of international operation and marketing, capability of finance and e-commerce application, etc. The students from this department will be equipped with extensive skills of managing international business with global perspectives and preparedness of taking competitiveness challenges.


The curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  1. International market research and development
  2. Business English
  3. International business management and international marketing


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