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College of Humanities and Design

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Our university was first founded in November 1969 as a two-year junior college of engineering. After being granted a new name, Lung-Hwa Institute of Technology, in 1998, it was promoted to a university of technology and science in August 2001. In order to facilitate collaboration and coordination between departments and colleges through limited resources and in the pursuit of distinction, the College of Humanities was established in February 2003. Apart from its intrinsic academic caliber in literature, history, philosophy, sociology, and arts, with the MOE approval, the Department of Multimedia Design and Game Science was added in August 2005. Thus, the name of the college was changed to the College of Humanities and Sciences. In resonance with the government developmental policy and emergent trends, with the approval from the Ministry of Education on November 18th 2011, Department of Tourism andLeisure, and Department of Culture Creativity and Digital Media Design were established in the academic year 2012. The college has been accordingly renamed as the College of Humanities and Design.


Re-optimization of the existing system has granted the college a competitive position allowing further evolution in a re-defined scheme. It undoubtedly promotes advancements in the following aspects: holistic education, digital competence, creativity design, tour-guiding competence and internationalization.The organization of the college generates an exemplary synergism. It consists of five units: Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Department of Multi-Media and Game Science, Department of Tourism and Recreation, Department of Culture Creativity and Digital Media Design, and General Education Center. Our college offers a post-bachelor (second diploma) degree program for students who have already earned a bachelor degree from any accredited college or university. While three units, Language Center, The Art Center, and Chinese Language Center provide essential teaching support, two research centers, Center for Work Ethics Education and Research and Center for Multimedia Research and Development, serve to mark the college as a functional, distinct, and well-organized institution.


The hallmark of the college is to provide holistic education through digital innovation. It is devoted in promoting general education on the basis of humanistic values, fostering logical thinking through game science, while reinforcing foreign language teaching.

The development strategies are as follows:

  1. Integration of humanistic values and expertise.
  2. Designation of main responsibilities of individual departments and centers.
  3. Implementation of curriculum design and integration: general education, foreign language teaching, digital content, game design, culture creativity, tourism and MICE management.
  4. Conjoining cross-institutional curriculums: Digitized Contents, Foreign Languages for Business Purposes, and Tourism Marketing, initiating core courses for individual institutions and coordinating instruction between them.
  5. Convergence of instructional equipments and resources – developing characteristics of the college.
  6. Propelling and coordinating university-enterprise cooperation and research plans.

The vision of the college is to synchronize operation in humanities, creativity, and design, focusing on the confluence of humanities and design, providing prime teaching platforms, while developing the characteristics of the college in pursuit of excellence.


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