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Department of Finance

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.6401
Fax: 886-2-82093211ext.6408
E-Mail: office@mail.fn.lhu.edu.tw

College of Management
Group: Finance and Economics
International Admission: Bachelor

Training objectives

The basic objective of training is to help students cultivate professional knowledge of finance, and to strengthen language and financial related regulations, and multi-media techniques, with a view to nurturing multi-competence financial personnel.

Features of development

In order to cope with the trends of establishment of financial holding companies and financial business integration, we offer courses in fields of banking, financial, insurance,and corporate finance, and strengthen language, financial related regulations and expertise in the areas of multimedia technology to help students have balanced development in various aspects of the financial service industry.

  1. Focus on both theory and practice: We highlight not only finance theories but also practical applications, and emphasizing the project dissertation.
  2. Certificate/licenses system: We counsel and encourage each student to acquire banking, finance and insurance related certificates/licenses to meet the employment threshold.


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