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Department of Applied Foreign Languages & Master’s Program in Applied Foreign Languages

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.6801
Fax: 886-2-82093211ext.6806
E-Mail: fl@mail.lhu.edu.tw


College of Humanities and Sciences
Group: Foreign language
International Admission: Bachelor


The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was founded on August 1, 1999. Currently, it consists of 4-year daytime/evening divisions and 2-year evening/ weekend divisions. It is the first department in the College of Humanities and Sciences and home to 1192 students.


The purpose of establishing this department is to meet the demand for foreign language professionals in this highly internationalized and knowledge economic time. The primary educational goal is to equip students with linguistic competence, particularly in English and to develop their competitiveness in facing the increasing challenge of future job market. Diverse learning environments and advanced facilities are provided for students to learn foreign languages and other skills to assist students in obtaining certificates in the domains of foreign languages, business, and computer science.


The department has framed five key features as the prospect for the present stage and the future development. These features are (1) diverse learning opportunities (2) internationalization (3) multiple certification (4) enterprise cooperation (5) service learning and field experience. A 4-year integral curriculum was designed to enhance students’ linguistic and communication skills. In the first and second year, fundamental language education, including training courses in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation, is emphasized. Following that, two programs, English Teaching and Business are provided for students to select and to equip with competence to work in these specialized fields. Additionally, second foreign language (Japanese, Spanish, and French) courses are offered to expose students to a variety of cultures. The department has carried out university-enterprise cooperation projects to help students acquire practical working experiences. Moreover, students are encouraged to participate in specialized volunteer services to show their care and concern for humanity. Study abroad and student exchange programs are great opportunities to broaden horizons and develop their sense for worldview.


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