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College of Engineering

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E-Mail: eng@mail.lhu.edu.tw


College of Engineering consists of the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Electronic Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. In order to facilitate the cooperation with the industries, the college has founded Fine Instrument Center and several Engineering Technology Research Centers including Plasma Research and Service center, Micro-nano Technical Service Center, Risk Evaluation and Prevention Research Center and Creation and Precision Instrument Center. The college vigorously promulgates nano-technology, nuclear engineering, green energy technology, opto-electronic, and wireless communication and tele-mobile healthcare programs. Simultaneously, the college has developed various corporations with international institutions around the world such as the exchange of faculties and students abroad in order to enhance their global visions.

Education Vision

College of Engineering aims to cultivate excellent undergraduate and graduate students. Our teaching programs focus on helping students to develop independent thinking and to learn by practices. Our students can then acquire comprehensive engineering capabilities and confront the dramatic evolution of industries effectively. Eventually, they are able to become a part of highly qualified manpower.

Development Goals

In response to a series of national programs driven by Taiwanese government such as National Development Program, National Science and Technology Program-Energy, High-Grade Life Program and New Trillion Yuan Industry in order to fulfill the industry demands and to build a green high-tech island, the research development of College of Engineering stresses on two stands: micro/precision technology and green technology. Specifically, four distinguished fields are developed, namely multi-media/network communication, mechatronics and microcomputer applications, micro-precision technology, energy and material engineering technology.


The college has continued maintaining genuine communication with foreign universities such as Musashi Institute of Technology, Utsunomiya University, Akita University, Gunma University, Technos college and The University of Electro-Communications in Japan, Queen’s University, Belfast in Northern Ireland, McMaster University in Canada. Graduate students have been exchanged to Akita University for studying the master program. Some renowned scholars are invited to visit the college for lectures and technical transfer every year. Furthermore, the international exchange programs have been extended to India, Vietnam, etc. On the other hand, the college also vigorously gives the promotion of students’ overseas apprenticeship and has sent students to some institutions in the USA, such as the Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology (ICSET) in West Kentucky University, C S Bio Co., and Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure Inc.. All the academic units have been through the procedure and become accredited engineering programs.


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