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The Art Center

The Art Center

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Office:Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall (8th Floor)


The Art Center was founded in September 2002, when Lunghwa was upgraded in the previous year from vocational institution to what is now known as Lunghwa University of Science and Technology after gaining approval from the Ministry of Education. The university adapts a holistic approach in its education which emphasizes the importance for students to develop artistic attributes as well as improving cultural awareness and environmental surroundings in the neighboring communities.


The spacious and well lit exhibition hall is close to 1000m2 equipped with up-to-date components that offers great potential for erformances.


TOne of the main missions of the Art Center is to hold various exhibitions and performances for artists of all genres. The goal is to establish a mind retreat within the school campus so to enrich the artistic culture of faculty staff, students, as well as our neighboring communities around Guishan district.

Other missions include; the collection and preservation of local and international artworks, establishment of art database, official webpage, compilation and publication of arts and art-related works, lectures on art appreciation, guided tours, academic exchanges with sister universities, and collaboration with neighboring cities such as Xinzhuang, Taoyuan and Banqiao to promote local art culture..