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Department of Computer Information and Network Engineering

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.5701
Fax: 886-2-82093211ext.5707
E-Mail: cin@mail.lhu.edu.tw


College of Engineering
Group: Information (Informatics)
International Admission: Bachelor


The mission of the Department of Computer Information and Network Engineering (CINE) is to cultivate the students with professional knowledge and skills of computer information and computer networks. Nowadays, CINE is one of the most popular techniques and has been ubiquitously applied to industries and business. As the CINE engineers continuously fall short of demand for the industry, we engage our effort in incubating the professional engineers to meet the needs of the industry and our country.


Our professional courses are listed as follows:

  1. Network architecture Related:Principle of computer network, Internet and applications, Network engineering, Web sites construction and management, etc.
  2. Programming Related: C++ programming, Windows programming, Data structures, Algorithms, Software engineering, etc.
  3. Internet Programming Related: Java programming, PHP programming, ASP programming, etc.
  4. Workstation Management Related: Database management and application, Network security, Multimedia, etc.


For the training of students, we mainly focus on the practices of professional skills and the application of theory to practical systems. Since CINE engineers are a major manpower resource for the industry, we engage in sharpening the skills of the Internet programming of our students by intensive training and also take the Internet application as one of our main research topics. After four years of education in the CINE department, we hope our students can possess the professional abilities in web site construction, web site management, network security, multimedia applications, and programming applications.


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