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General Education Center

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College of Humanities and Sciences
Group: Education
International Admission: None


Based on the motto and the guidelines of the university, GEC aims at cultivating students’ constructive attitude toward life, enhancing art-awareness and culture-awareness, helping students form macroscopic views, encouraging students to think creatively and to possess the noble character of being caring and public-spirited as well as to trigger the harmonious development of humanity, science and technology.


In order to foster the diversity of campus culture, to change students' deeds and words, to enhance human dignity, mental cultivation and the ability of appreciating literature and fine art, the teaching programs managed and integrated by the faculty members of GEC try to improve the current policies and implement the future vision on campus culture at LHU, a university focusing on the science and technology-based education. Courses on general education are offered with special stress on foreign language skills, life education, emotion management skills, fundamentals in law, as well as art appreciation. There are six categories of liberal courses in 10 credit hours which have been designed for students’ future career:humanity, fine art, applied social science, natural science , management science, and life science. Moreover, The core course “Career Ethics” has been well designed for freshmen in order to construct their correct ideology and good manners for future requirements at work.Currently, several concrete accomplishments have been reached, including the completion of campus integration plan, speeches on music and art, musical performances, photo competition, calligraphy exhibition, seasons of literature and fine art, and panel discussions on infrastructure of campus culture and non-curriculum activities.


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