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Students' Dormitory

Currently Lunghwa has three dormitory buildings—Male Students' Dormitory ,Building, Female Students' Dormitory Building I, and Female Students' Dormitory Building II. Students in the fully-equipped dormitories are provided with Internet network facilities in order to do the academic research. Female Students' Dormitory was constructed with novel designs for suites. Each entrance of Dorms is equipped with student identification card swipe-in access system, which is under surveillance to ensure the safety of students. Each hallway has automatic washers and dryers .

Extracurricular Activities

The purpose of encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities is to create a vibrant university life. Currently, we have 64 student organizations on our campus. In addition to the Student Office and Student Council, there are six other types of clubs, including arts and academy, service-oriented clubs, physical education training, entertainment, socialization, and 14 student department organizations. Activities held by these clubs include welcoming parties, carnivals, training courses, campus fairs, singing contests, photography contests, sign language and foreign language speaking contests, dances, etc. Many clubs launch various activities and contests every semester believing that joining such contests is the best way to enhance students’ higher learning achievement levels and thus help them to discover their hidden talents. In addition, most of our student clubs have been very active in helping neighboring school pupils build up their own clubs and launch other academic activities. Our pupils’ enthusiasm and creativity have brought a new source of energy to these neighboring schools in terms of their contribution to our society.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational facilities in Lunghwa include an indoor gymnasium, a table tennis room, an aerobics room, a physical fitness center, an outdoor 200-metre track and field ground, two cement-ground basketball courts, two PU basketball courts, a volleyball and tennis court, and an apparatus room.

Coffee Bar

You can smell the fragrance of coffee while walking on, Lunghwa Square , which makes you feel like being in the midst of the Left Bank in Paris . Students or visitors may read, chat, and enjoy fast food and coffee here everyday.

5.Restaurant, Cafeteria, Convenience Store, Chia-yu Bookstore

  1. Restaurant & Cafeteria: Breakfast in Chinese Style, Buffet, Lunch-boxes,Dumpling, Noodles, etc...
  2. Convenience Store:Beverage, Bread, Items in Everyday Use, PreparedFood,Phone-card, Stamp, Mineral Water, Dairy Products, etc...
  3. Chia-yu Bookstore:Stationery, Books, Notebooks, etc…
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