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The Art and Culture Center

Tel: 886-2-82093211ext.6771
E-Mail: art@mail.lhu.edu.tw

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College of Humanities and Sciences
Group: Art
International Admission: None


The Art Center was founded in September 2002, when this university was transformed into a university of science and technology as approved by the Ministry of Education. It purports to promote the humanities education of holistic, well-rounded personality for students of science and technology and propagate artistic culture in the neighboring communities.


The Art Center is equipped with high-tech hardware and large capacity for exhibition and performance. The exhibition hall occupies a space of about 300 pings (992 square meters).


One of the main missions of The Art Center is to hold various exhibitions and performances, such as Famed Artists Invitation Exhibition, Nouveau Artists Exhibition, Exhibition of Campus Artistic Works and a variety of concerts. They are meant to provide a mental feast for the faculty and staff and students as well as to enrich the artistic culture of its neighboring communities around Kwei-Shan district. Other missions include collection and reservation of artistic works home and abroad, establishment of an art database, setting up of an on-line station, compilation and publication of arts and art-related works, assistance of course instructions and lectures on appreciation of arts with the center multimedia facilities, encouragement of student participation in exhibition tour guide activities, organization of exchanges of academic research with sister universities, and collaboration with the neighboring cities of Shinchuan, Taoyuan and Banchiao to promote local art culture.


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