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Optical and Electronic Mechanics Laboratory

Fa-Ming's Memorial Hall


Features: Assembling optical and electronic techniques is an important choice for mechanical engineering to renew and develop. The main functions of this laboratory are to make students possess the ability to integrate optical, mechanical, and electronic techniques and to help students perform well when they find jobs.
Teaching aims: Students can realize both geometric optics and wave optics, and they are able to integrate mechanical, optical, electronic, and computer techniques to solve engineering problems.
Focused items: 1) Photo-electronical machines for measurements with high precision. 2) Machining and coping for micro structures. 3) Machining and coping for diffractive optical elements.

Equipment List

Equipment name Specifications Amount
Experiment setup for optical interference Convex lenses, mirrors, optical filters, etc. 1
Laser 25mW, 633nm 1
Isolation table 4' x 8' 1
Optical microscope MX40 1
Dot-matrix mastering machine Sparkle 1
Software for analyzing interference fringes IntelliWave 1
Dot-matrix machine for photo-reducing scattering points Customer design 1
Optical simulation software Zemax 1
3-D translation stage NPXYZ100SG 1
Xeon lamp 66450 1
Standard step height   2
Laser 10mW, 442nm 1
Interference microscopic objective 20x, 50x 2
Beam expander  3x, 5x, 10x 3
Wave plate 633nm, 1/4, 1/2 2
Laser 50mW, 532nm 1
Spatial light modulator 512x512pixel, 16bit 1