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International Market Development Professional Classroom

International Market Development Professional Classroom


Established at the end of 2019, the classroom has four 65-inch interactive touch screens and two projection screens to facilitate group discussions, live video broadcasts, distance learning systems, etc. The classrooms have diversified spaces and studios to develop multimedia business development and cultivate the capabilities required for international market development talents, such as project planning, global industry analysis, customer relationship management, and international e-commerce, while establishing a trade ERP system to cultivate export business assistants with quotation management, order management, and shipment management capabilities for export business.

International Market Development Professional Classroom provides courses in international e-commerce, international e-commerce platform channels, commercial multimedia design, international e-commerce business, project management practice, innovation and creativity courses, etc., to guide students to obtain international e-commerce licenses, and cooperate with industry to offer classes and license test counseling, and participate in international e-commerce competitions and internships, to cultivate global e-commerce and business professionals.

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