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Asia Silicon Valley Connection: Cross-field Intelligent Internet of Things Innovation Implementation Classroom

Asia Silicon Valley Connection


In 2018, the school was awarded the Ministry of Education's plan to optimize the practical environment of technical vocational colleges to subsidize the construction of a “Cross-field Intelligent Internet of Things Innovation Implementation Classroom.” Lunghwa is the first school in Taiwan to use industrial-grade AIoT equipment to cooperate with the industry in teaching, to cultivate Internet of Things (IoT) talents and set up an intern factory and teaching venue that meets the needs demand of the industry and student internships, and cultivate cross-field and practical, innovative talents in the intelligent Internet of Things industry.

The first to be launched is the “Artificial Intelligence/IoT/Edge Computing Joint Lab,” which is an integral part of the plan to build an inter-department suitable venue. With the Lunghwa University of Science and Technology Internet of Things professional teaching team, each teacher has hardware, software, communication, APP, programming, and other specialties. They guide students step by step to learn from doing and lead students to participate in international competitions to accumulate experience. The lab is the best educational venue connecting school learning and industry demands.

The "Joint Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence/IoT/Edge Computing" offers courses, covering the underlying layer (hardware layer) of the Internet of Things, transport layer (communication), application layer (innovative service application) to the public cloud, private cloud, smartphone (device). Integrating the application of the Internet of Things and traditional industries to innovation and entrepreneurship services is expected to accelerate the cultivation of cross-field talents required for domestic and foreign innovative industrial technology and insightful construction.

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