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Digital Content Multimedia Technology R & D Center

Digital Content and Multimedia Technology Center

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Digital content The R & D center of digital technology is a platform for cultivating digital technology expertise and cooperation with industry. The main courses are "Computer Animation Design", "Interactive Multimedia" and "Digital Video Production". The objectives of training and animation production of talent are:
1) To enhance close cooperation between academia and industry.
2) To reduce the gap between industry and students so that students can integrate with the industry employment.
3) To provide the energy of academic research to promote the industry in the upgrade and innovation.

Digital design in this field is focusing on video and audio processing, multimedia information systems, digital media design, and color imaging technology. The Department of Multimedia fosters digital design by nurturing students to integrate and develop digital design into a variety of information technology. In line with the needs of the industry, the integration of various types of audio and video development and design, information technology, multimedia interactive creative development are done to achieve VR virtual reality, 3D projection and other new areas of media technology and design capabilities.

At present, the Center has set up the multimedia recording mixing room, optical action capture studio, VR virtual reality development laboratory, and other multimedia content of the venue equipment.