Genera Affairs Section
  1. Handling and Processing Utilities Related Matters
    1. Maintain utilities and facilities.
    2. Maintain nonscheduled patrol of the campus, register any damages witnessed and notify the repair personnel.
    3. Assist handling of fire alarms and other accidental incidents.
    4. Comply with duty rotation on holidays.

  2. Administering the Parking of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
    1. Process application for parking permits for motor vehicles and motorcycles owners.
    2. Conduct parking permits check and assist parking management.
    3. Process any matters related to purchase and refund of parking permits, registration number change, and reissuing of permits etc.
    4. Announce application for parking permits at the end of each semester.
    5. Allocate budget for student workers.

  3. Charging students for document application
    1. Receive fees for document application and write receipt for payment.

Section Chief


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